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A wonderful tropical paradise in Thailand known by travellers from around the world. Phuket is a world class holiday destination. We have complied the most complete list of activities and things to do in Phuket during your holiday available anywhere, wide selection of tours such as snorkeling, fishing, diving, speed boat tours, sea kayaking, transfer service to the most popular destination such as, Phi Phi island, Similan Island, Krabi, Raya island, Coral Island, Koh Khai Nok Island and Koh Lanta.

Taking the speed boat tour to Phang Nga Bay National Park and Phi Phi Island are most popular things to do in Phuket. Must DO! Start your holiday now!

Phuket Tours Travel Guide with Best Selling Discount Tours

Phi Phi & Khai Island by Speed Boat
Just 1,600 THB

Khai Islands by Catamaran Tour

Khai Islands by Catamaran Tour
Just 1,950 THB

ATV Bike + Elephant Sanctuary Tour
Just 3,500 THB

Phi Phi Khai by Catamaran Tour
Just 1,950 THB

Maiton Tour

Maiton Tour by Catamaran Boat
Just 1,500 THB

Phuket ATV Mangrove Jungle & Hidden Beach Tour
Just 1,900 THB

Phi Phi Maya Bamboo Tour by Speed Boat
Just 2,100 THB

Phi Phi Sunrise Premium Tour
Just 3,300 THB

Phang Nga Bay by Speed Boat
Just 1,900 THB

James Bond Sunset Premium Tour
Just 3,600 THB
Just 2,600 THB

Hong Starlight John Gray 's Sea Canoe Tour
Just 3,800 THB

Whitewater Rafting Tours
Just 1,300 THB

Phuket City and Sightseeing Tour
Just 1,200 THB

Phuket Private Luxury Speed Boat
Just 17,000 THB

Private Phi Phi Islands Tours
Just 19,000 THB

Private James Bond Tour by Long Tail boat
Just 9,200 THB

Phuket Fantasea Show
Just 1,700 THB

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Entertainment Tours

Phuket has such a great entertainments destinations, enjoy nightlife with great fun, exploring the great show at :

Phuket Dolphin Show Tours
Phuket Fantasea Show
Siam Niramit Show
Simon Cabaret Show

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Phuket Photography Tours

Phuket has wide choices of nightlife activities, entertainment show such as Phuket Fantasea, Simon Cabaret, enjoy the crowds, lights, and music on all sides

Honeymoon with photographer

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